Noor Women's Association


Agencies who Sponsor Refugees:
  • Lutheran Social Ministries- 520-721-4484
  • Catholic Social Services- 520-623-0344
  • International Rescue Committee- 520-319-2128

If you wish to donate furniture, household items, linens, towels, etc. for new refugee families, please call one of these agencies. They do not take donations of clothing.

If you wish to donate new or gently used clothing, especially for children, you can e-mail [email protected]

Responsibilities of the sponsoring agencies:

  ♦ Pay for plane tickets to get to the U.S. - the cost of tickets must be paid back by the refugees as monthly payments after they start working.

     ♦ Find an apartment for each new family and furnish that apartment with necessities before the arrival of the refugee family.

     ♦ Meet them at the airport and take them to their new home - translator comes along if case worker does not speak the refugee¹s language.

     ♦ Supply food for the first few days.

     ♦ Take the family to apply for food stamps, social security bus passes, etc.

     ♦ Register the children at school - take them to get necessary shots.

     ♦ Pay rent and utilities for the first 3 months - this can vary depending on the agency.

     ♦ Register adults for English classes.

     ♦ Apply for AHCCCS medical insurance.

     ♦ Give some cash for each family member.

     ♦ Find jobs for all adults able to work and take them to the interviews.

     ♦ Conduct orientation workshops to explain rules of apartment life, lease for the apartment, grocery stores, bus routes, etc.

     This is a general list and may vary according to which agency is sponsoring a particular family.


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