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On August 17, 2009, at the State of AZ Refugee Resettlement Conference, our very own Noor officer, Shama Qureshi was awarded the Refugee Champion award for the whole state of Arizona. A short video about the Noor Organization was shown; through which now the whole state of Arizona is aware of our organization.
Noor Women's Association Officer's 2012


          Jeanette Mathias- United States

     Dure Nomaan- Pakistan

     Shama/Sandra Qureshi- United States

     Safa Mehreb- Lebanon



     Fran Braverman- United  States



     Ismat Shafiqullah- Bangladesh


Noor's Founding Women

Shari Raina, Dure Nomaan, Sandy Qureshi, Minka Rustempasic, Saima Jessani, Huma Ahmad, Roopa Syed, Warda Harama, Najat Khamasi, and Rula Khalidi.


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E-mail us at- [email protected]


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